Posturologist specialized in global postural reprogramming since 2002, Mathieu has developed a unique technique in his treatments.

Mat has also been a North American trainer of Posturology for PosturePro, from 2007-2016. The human body fascinates him.

His purpose: to improve the operation of it and get results quickly!

To do this, he combines innovative and well-known techniques such as Posturology and Functional Neurology elements to balance the body.

Over the years, Mat has developed a unique intervention system that promotes physical balance and improves the performance of the neuromuscular system. His expertise in developing posture among 0-5 years has allowed him to develop even more links between Posturology, learning, the brain and the body.

In 2007, Mat is certified in ART (Active Release Techniques) and MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques). These two well-known sports muscle techniques allow Mat to work with top athletes, including some NHL hockey players.

Having obtained a degree in teaching in 2001, Mathieu is an outstanding communicator. He knows how to popularize his theories and techniques to benefit as many people as possible. This is why it offers conferences and training to the public and companies that request it.


In 2014, Mathieu starts a series of 6 blogs for none other than Charles R. Poliquin, the “Strength Sensei”.

In 2016, Mathieu celebrates Posturology like never before. Indeed, he gives a TED talk about Posturology, namely that it allows you to move better, learn better and think better.